The Energy Systems Network (ESN) is an initiative focused on bringing 'clean technology' solutions to market, using innovation to confront tremendous energy challenges that include an overdependence on foreign oil, rising carbon emissions, and the need for a more energy efficient electrical grid.

Effective solutions to these issues don't hinge on a single technology or reside within a single company - they demand a collaborative approach. This is the mission of ESN: Building an energy ecosystem that connects partner companies and institutions - in Indiana, across the country and around the world - to address energy needs and generate new jobs and investment in the process.

Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, ESN provides development and coordination for collaborative projects and joint ventures between network members who are working to commercialize new energy technologies. To date, ESN has launched four commercialization projects focused on dramatically reducing emissions/fuel consumption of heavy trucks (Hoosier Heavy Hybrid Partnership); allowing for an all-electric commute powered by a smart utility grid (Project Plug-IN); supplying our military bases with reliable homegrown energy (MicroGreen); and creating a single point of access for battery research, development, testing and commercialization (Battery Innovation Center).

Our Approach: An Energy Ecosystem

ESN is building an energy ecosystem: The word ‘ecosystem' implies an interconnected, interdependent environment - the paradigm that is needed in the energy sector today. Scientists, engineers, economists, politicians - thinkers from disparate fields must communicate in a common language to accelerate the breakthroughs needed to solve the nation's toughest energy issues.

By bringing together major industry players, world-class technology partners, innovative start-ups, top-tier education and research institutions, and public partnerships, ESN will establish this kind of mutually synchronistic system that enables effective solutions to quickly emerge and thrive.

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