Commuting in an electric car raises questions that most early-morning drivers currently are not prepared to face with their first cup of coffee: Did my car get charged overnight? Can I plug in where I park at work? What's my electric bill going to look like at the end of the month?

Project Plug-IN is a first-of-its-kind pilot project for plug-in electric vehicles and smart grid technologies that aims to answer these questions and more. Project Plug-IN is among the largest demonstration projects of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) in the nation, putting 100+ EVs on the streets of the Indianapolis metro area in government and corporate fleets as well as with select individual drivers, making the ‘electric commute' a reality here.

The project spans the service territories of two regulated utilities in greater Indianapolis, giving the region a head-start in the development and deployment of an advanced smart power grid that can support electric vehicles and other ‘clean-tech' innovations.

Project Plug-IN received strong support through federal grant funding. The project was awarded a total of $6.4 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act dollars distributed through the State of Indiana, as well as partner contributions to support vehicle deployment, charging infrastructure and data collection and analysis.

Project Plug-IN partners include Duke Energy, Indianapolis Power & Light, Midwest ISO, THINK Global, Navistar, Smart USA, Nissan, Bright Automotive, Ener1 Inc., Simon Property Group, Purdue University, ITOCHU Corporation, Enterprise National, Greater Indiana Clean Cities, Indiana Convention and Visitors Association, the Rocky Mountain Institute, and the Indiana Office of Energy Development.

For more information on Project Plug-IN, visit our project website (

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